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Omaha, NE
United States of America


What we do

We design, build, and maintain or transfer large –scale and small-scale software applications for our customers.

How we do it

We go about our application development in a specific way. We divide the development domain into two pieces: the Technical domain, and the Application Domain. Combined, these domains comprise the Remote Software Development System (RSDS)


GrainWorx, for example, a complete Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) suite.



john malone

Welcome to the RSDS "Sprint-to-Feed (S2F)," an ambitious initiative using our Remote Software Development System (RSDS).

What is a "sprint?" This is a one of the concepts out of the world of "agile" software development.

Everyone uses the term "agile" today. It's in vogue. Here at RSDi, we actually ARE agile in our approach to software, and have been for over a decade (12 years). We have adapted important elements of the "Extreme Programming" approach to software, including, "writing tests first," concise user stories, rapid iterative prototyping, step-wise refinement, and, when necessary, sprints.

A sprint is a team effort to achieve a defined result in a fixed period of time. It is a fire drill. By definition, one can not always sprint. Normal life is made up of a steady pace. A sprint is NOT normal life. 

This is our first organized "public" sprint. It is organized into a team of internal players, and a select few external players. Like any good team, our S2F team has a coach, John Malone, Sr. That's me. I coached baseball for some years, and had pretty good success. Coaching has a definite carryover into organizing and fitting software development. It IS team play. And as such, a coach's job is to establish a lineup, set intermediate goals, and make adjustments as the sprint goes on.

The goal of this sprint is to establish a baseline software system for feed formulation and manufacturing.

Welcome to the sprint, scheduled to end July 9th.