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Omaha, NE
United States of America


What we do

We design, build, and maintain or transfer large –scale and small-scale software applications for our customers.

How we do it

We go about our application development in a specific way. We divide the development domain into two pieces: the Technical domain, and the Application Domain. Combined, these domains comprise the Remote Software Development System (RSDS)


GrainWorx, for example, a complete Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) suite.


Developer looking for priorities ...

john malone

Ingredients (Still wondering why 'Commodities' can't be called 'Commodities/Items' in GW and Ingredients fall into this Master Item list.)

Formulae (example of poultry formulas are at

Batches (combining them into a product fulfillment)

Purchase orders (GW has this. Purchase order-Parts card uses text field colum for Parts. Need to change this column to use Commodities/Items.)

Receivings Transaction - requires more explanation (Add a Purchase order-Receiving card that uses the same grid as in the Purchase order-Parts card but has an additional column for Rcvd. You can't add or delete any rows in this grid. All you can do is edit number values in the Rcvd column.)

Feed Order - requires more explanation (This is a formulation)

Inventory (Ingredient remains) - we are planning just "real" quantity for now. (We don't understand this at all. Commodities can have inventory, so can all items).

Purchasing invoice

Customer group - requires more explanation (this concept unknown to us)

Group stage feeding (Livestock Management Subsystem: this system tracks the growth and ration evolution of a set of animals. Poultry website in Formulae section above has stage feeding. Starter mix, grower mix, summer layer mix, winter layer mix)

Orders operations: combining, change site, change batch size, assign truck, etc (only first option was shown)


Invoice orders

Price recalculation

Different reports

For the Thursday (June 19th, 2014) release I planned Ingredients, Nutrition facts, Batches, Purchase/Sale orders, may be formulae.

Please tell us what parts are most important and what parts are not planned for implementation at all.