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Omaha, NE
United States of America


What we do

We design, build, and maintain or transfer large –scale and small-scale software applications for our customers.

How we do it

We go about our application development in a specific way. We divide the development domain into two pieces: the Technical domain, and the Application Domain. Combined, these domains comprise the Remote Software Development System (RSDS)


GrainWorx, for example, a complete Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) suite.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services in Omaha Nebraska. RSDi is a Managed Service Provider  based in Omaha Nebraska that offers affordable, proactive network, workstation and server activity monitoring and maintenance plans.  

RSDi's Managed Network Services (MNS) are designed to allow our customers to utilize technologies that were previously only affordable for larger enterprises.  Today,  RSDi can manage your companies entire IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of employing your own full time IT staff.  RSDi can manage your servers, workstations and network equipment and backup solutions - all remotely from our Network Operation Center (NOC).   

Historically computer network repair was done on a break/fix or a fee-for service approach. Typically in such a scenario  you wait for something to break, then when it does, you pay the hourly rate to have that problem fixed. 

When you implement a Managed Network Services contract with RSDi we will take an inventory of your companies computer network and then give you a fixed bid monthly rate to proactively monitor and maintain according to the agreement.

Once under contract, we get this done by installing agents on your servers and workstations to monitor and report back to our server about the status of your equipment.  Our server then notifies of potential failures that our staff should look into. We do this by having a baseline of  predetermined errors and warnings to look for,  when those errors appear in the logs, we are either notified or a script that we have configured to automatically handle the situation will run. Our knowledge of these status warnings will expand and grow right along you as your business grows.  This approach also allows us to automate the mundane tasks that IT staff will typically overlook from time to time leaving security holes in your network, leaving your data unnecessarily at risk.

At RSDi we offer Managed Network Service Contracts for any or all of the following areas of your companies computer network:

  • RSDi's Managed Server Agreement (MSA)
  • RSDi's Managed Backup Agreement (MBA)
  • RSDi's Managed Network Agreement (MNA)
  • RSDi's Managed Workstation Agreement (MWA)

To sign up for an RSDi Managed Network Service contract and get control of your IT budget today call us at 402-333-6783 ext 3