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Omaha, NE
United States of America


What we do

We design, build, and maintain or transfer large –scale and small-scale software applications for our customers.

How we do it

We go about our application development in a specific way. We divide the development domain into two pieces: the Technical domain, and the Application Domain. Combined, these domains comprise the Remote Software Development System (RSDS)


GrainWorx, for example, a complete Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) suite.


GrainWorx Overview

GrainWorx is a Commodity Trading Risk Management (CTRM) software suite. 

GrainWorx is a Software System for Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM).  GrainWorx is a Grain Accounting System.  GrainWorx is a Grain Management System. GrainWorx handled Bin Management.  GrainWorx handles Back-to-Back or Cross Country Trading.  GrainWorks is SMART Commodity Management Software

GrainWorx is a powerful and complete commodity trading system. From trade execution to final settlement, and everywhere in between, GrainWorx works for you. Simple enough for small business and powerful enough for large enterprise, GrainWorx is designed to scale effortlessly right along side your business.


GrainWorx is first and foremost a trading system. Both cross country trading and facilities based trading are handled with ease. Truck, rail and vessel are no problem. Contract time requirements and geographical considerations are implicit throughout the trading system.

No trader is an island and you don’t want your traders making desk-drawer trades that no one else knows about. GrainWorx knows this and makes trade information readily available to other traders, clerks, customers and CEO’s, energizing your trading environment.

Freight isn’t a secondary consideration in many trades and it’s not a secondary consideration in GrainWorx either. GrainWorx was built from the ground up with freight in mind. We know that freight is an integral part of many trades and GrainWorx carefully accommodates freight cost and requirements throughout the life cycle of a trade. Our unique Freight Matrix allows traders to easily communicate freight needs based on geography and time.

GrainWorx watches your position including flat price exposure, futures position and hedge requirements. Of course, data is constantly kept up to date as contracts are written, hedges are made and settlements worked.


GrainWorx is a settlement clerk’s dream. Settlement is fast, efficient and highly flexible. Settlement clerks and settlement teams will find themselves far more productive using GrainWorx.

Freight can be settled before the grain side or vice versa. The choice is completely yours. Everything is reversible throughout the settlement process and even afterwards! Faster settlement times get you your money faster, decreasing borrowing costs.

Finding data, whether contracts, customers, tickets or whatever is easy with fully customizable searches. Users can create and save their own custom searches without need for a programmer or an external report writer.


GrainWorx knows all about your facility, whether it be your own or a put-through, and seamlessly accommodates the trading around that facility.

GrainWorx easily imports scale tickets from common scale systems software, greatly increasing speed of grain ticket entry and reducing data entry errors.

With GrainWorx you can manage grain in your elevator right down to the physical bin level. Grain tickets automatically update bin book balances and average grades.

GrainWorx carefully tracks company owned vs customer storage grain making it easy to satisfy state and federal warehouse exam requirements.


GrainWorx not only comes with a full library of pre-packaged reports, but it offers highly flexible report options. Export to Excel, PDF, and email is available throughout the system.

Report classes include: Customer, Accounting, Settle, Trading, Freight, Tax, Elevator.

However you need to see your data, GrainWorx can deliver.


With an optional integrated general ledger module, there’s no need to buy and maintain a third-party G/L package. Accurate and up to date financial statements are available instantly and only to those who should be able to see them.

GrainWorx watches your customers credit limits carefully. Traders are warned when customers approach their credit limits and credit limits can be aggregated for customers that have individual entities that roll up into larger entities. GrainWorx help you manage risk.

GrainWorx watches your cash. Using GrainWorx properly, your credits won’t be squandered, your customers’ credit limits will be watched, and your freight and grain receivables will be carefully monitored.


GrainWeb provides your customers a view into the data that’s important to them from anywhere with an Internet connection via a secure web site. With GrainWeb, your customers can view contracts, checks & invoices, holdings, and reports 24/7 in real time.


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